Of course you can take a look at my repositories to checkout all my projects (https://github.com/marklazz and the evil old brother: https://github.com/mgiorgi). But I decided to highlight here the more relevant contributions and projects, so you can checkout a representative subset of them.


Here I list the most relevant projects where I've made contributions:


Year: 2010

You can see my list of contributions here, which includes improvements, bug fixes and more tests.


Year: 2010

Added some tests (5 commits) for the project.


Year: 2009

Made 3 bug fixes (tickets: #379, #404, #415 of Lighthouse tracker). Also, I've wrote Tutorial 19 of Rapid Rails with Hobo, which can be downloaded here.


Year: 2010

Branch of the original plugin of DHH which is compatible with Rails 3.


Year: 2009

This is a branch with multiple additions for disabling dates and other customizations.

Own Projects

This are the most recent and interesting projects I built.


Year: 2010

This is a tool for allowing queries based on serialized objects (via YAML) on relational databases (currently MySQL and Postrgres are supported).


Year: 2010

RTT is a tool for tracking time.


Year: 2010

fakeweb_curb-fu is a helper for faking CurbFu web requests. It is inspired on FakeWeb gem, that doesn't work with CurbFu.


Year: 2009

This plugin allows polls, integrated with your user model, within your application


Year: 2008

This is Rails plugin for graph drawing your models.


  • November, 2010

    Release of yaml_conditions gem, which is a tool to allow more expressiveness to query for serialized (YAML) objects. It is very useful to query for delayed_job objects

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  • June, 2010

    I finished the time tracking tool called rtt, the idea behind it is to speedup the time tracking by using the command line instead of a web alternative.

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  • February 3-4th, 2009 April

    Assisted to the Rails Conference: LocosXRails realized in Buenos Aires Argentina

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More About Me

Here are some links where you can find more about me.

Contact Me

Name: Marcelo Giorgi

Phone: +598 2 6000437